System Feature #1: Prevent the COVID19 spreading in public places

Infected persons have an incubation period of about 14 days without obvious surface symptoms. Many people do not know if they have been in contact with incubators. 

Our solution provides a user smartphone app and also to install dedicated access control terminals (ACTs) in public places such as libraries, cinemas, government facilities, and restaurants to record where and when the users have visited.

When a user is reported as virus-infected by medical authorities, the system immediately puts all users who appear in the same place at the same time as the confirmed patient in the past 14 days into an Alert list and transmits it to all ACTs.

ACT gives a friendly alert to the user when he or she is trying to enter public places

Unique Feature

The government can monitor the public participation and install more ACTs if necessary to control the spreading of COVID19 at a low level while maintaining normal economic activities.

Even a low 30% of public participation can reduce the total number of infections by more than 80%

There isn’t anything to lose to implement this system.