Contact Tracing App Extender – New Product!

Recently, Apple and Google partner on Contact Tracing App and Europe are pushing their own version of the DP-PPT Contact Tracing App.

There are few limitations of contact tracing App:

  • Many people don’t have smartphones
  • People worry about privacy issue using smartphones

iBonus Contact Tracing App Extender – Preliminary Product

iBonus is launching a preliminary product: An extender device for Contact Tracing App.

The extender embedded with the Contact Tracing App and it supports different type of transit smart cards and QR code/barcode

How it works

  • The extender device is typically installed in public places such as cinemas, restaurants, retail shops.
  • It will act as a smartphone user to interact with other smartphone users using the Contact Tracing App, and also records other users using anonymous transit smart cards to tap in.
  • Once the extender device got an alert from Contact Trace App, it will automatically put related transit card users to an alert list. These transit card users will be alerted on their next visit.
  • This alert list can be broadcasted using our server to many extender devices through the Internet.


  • Absolutely no privacy issue with anonymous transit smart cards
  • It can cover the segment without smartphones or the segment that don’t want to use smartphones.


  • from US$ 250-375 each depending on volume

To know more about the detail, please visit the “Solutions” page