The System that can slow Omicron

Vaccination can’t stop Omicron

Figures in the US and UK with high vaccination show that vaccination has no effect on preventing the spread of Omicron.

Contact Tracing Apps are proven to be failure

Contact Tracing Apps employed by the UK, Australia, France are proven to be a failure.

The failure of the contact tracing methodology is stemming from the fact that Omicron has a very high transmission rate. It will take some time to trace and to find the infected close contact people for a PCR test. During this short period of time, new cases of Omicron will grow exponentially.

iBonus Digital Prevention System will stop Omicron.

As soon as the infected person is reported, the iBonus system identifies those who have close contact with the infected person and block them from entering the gathering places. This leaves no time for Omicron to spread.

Comparison of Different Approaches

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