Vaccine Passport


  1. QR code is easily duplicated
  2. Online verification systems may face congestion during peak usage or the Internet is not available.

Our Solution

Our identification technology will be using our double offline technology which is used for a mobile wallet for fiat/digital currency with the following benefits:

  1. Cannot be duplicated like a QR code
  2. High security with SAM key encryption
  3. Verification in offline mode
    1. Avoid peak traffic for online verification
    2. Can be used in places or countries with the Internet
    3. Low operation cost
  4. Support 99% of IOS and Android phones with a verification time of 1 second.

Video (58 seconds) :

Patent-pending Technology:

  • QR-BLE-QR communication
  • Supports all smartphones (IOS and Android)  
  • Transaction time less than 1 second
    • US Patent Pending 16/681,365
    • China Patent Pending 201910340975.1
    • Worldwide PCT PCT/CN2020/078535

The first QR code generated on the smartphone will be scanned by the POS terminal, the terminal will generate a BLE signal to communicate to the smartphone, and lastly, a second QR code will be generated on the smartphone and scanned by the terminal to complete the transaction.

It looks simple, but there is still a lot of work we have spent on the BLE development to make sure there is no communication compatibility problem.

Double Offline Technology for Vaccine Passport