Measuring Asymptomatic Growth of COVID-19; A Powerful Mechanism for Controlling the Disease Spread

Author(s): Keith Lau*

Journal Name: Coronaviruses

DOI : 10.2174/2666796701999200821160307


Background: Coronavirus, dubbed as, “the worst public health crisis for a generation,” is a malevolent silent killer.

Objective: One of the main concerns is containing the disease and avoiding the second wave of the pandemic; likely to arise because of the symptomatic patients while ensuring the safe execution of day to day tasks.

Method: The indirect transmission of coronavirus from asymptomatic individuals during incubation time and the identification of the people who have accidentally and unknowingly come in contact with infected but asymptomatic patients pose a significant challenge to the health care providers.

Result: Herein, for the first time, we have introduced a quantitative index; asymptomatic growth, to indicate whether COVID-19 community spread is under control and if economic activities can be resumed.

Conclusion: More importantly, our system provides a feasible mechanism for improving the index to a level <1, a safety level at which normal economic activities can be conducted.