The daunting challenges surrounding vaccine passports

PUBLISHED APRIL 13, 2021 National Geographic

 Israel’s vaccine certificate program, which allows inoculated citizens to enter places such as gyms, restaurants, music venues, and movie theaters. The pass can be either physical or in a smartphone app with a code that businesses can scan. A green check will appear if the holder of the Green Pass is vaccinated and allowed to enter.

The exact form these vaccine certificates will take remains to be seen, although there are dozens of digital app options in the works. But even a simple technology of a QR code on a piece of paper might function as a passport to opening the world up again.

The PathCheck vaccine passport works by connecting certified vaccination records to a QR code that can be scanned by any facility or immigration office requiring such medical information. The data is stored in a way that can’t be tampered with and is available offline. 

The IBM vaccine passport technology powers Excelsior PassNew York state’s vaccine passport, which is currently being tested at some sports venues and arenas. New Yorkers taking part show an app with a special code that businesses can then scan with another app. That code stores information about the person’s vaccine status or a recent COVID-19 test result. A green check mark will pop up if the person is good to go (the Excelsior Pass is voluntary for now).

Another option in development is called CommonPass. It will help people prove their COVID-19 status and showcase the vital information on vaccinations no matter which standards are adopted across regions and languages, according to Paul Meyer, CEO of The Commons Project Foundation. Currently, Aruba uses it to ensure a negative COVID-19 test; Japan Airlines and Qantas airwaysare conducting trials of the CommonPass app.

The Problem

  1. QR code is easily duplicated
  2. Online verification systems may face congestion during peak usage or the Internet is not available.

Our Solution

Our identification technology will be using our double offline technology which is used for a mobile wallet for fiat/digital currency with the following benefits:

  1. Cannot be duplicated like a QR code
  2. High security with SAM key encryption
  3. Verification in offline mode
    1. Avoid peak traffic for online verification
    2. Can be used in places or countries with the Internet
    3. Low operation cost
  4. Support 99% of IOS and Android phones with a verification time of 1 second.

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